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Linda J. Krebs, D.D.S., Ph.D. is a 1998 Cum Laude graduate (D.D.S. Degree) of the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine, a 2000 doctoral graduate (Ph.D. Degree) of the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, and a 2003 graduate of the University of Connecticut, School of Dental Medicine, Division of Orthodontics. She then became a full time faculty member until 2005, after which she continued to serve as a part-time clinical faculty member for several years. Throughout her education and faculty appointments, she received numerous awards, honors, and research grants. Her research has been published in several peer reviewed journals and presented at numerous national and international meetings. She has been practicing orthodontics and in living in Massachusetts since 2005. She and her husband Douglas share a home with their son Nicholas.  Her interests include family outings, skiing, nature, arts, crafts, cooking, reading, cinema and travel.

Dr. Krebs on her career in Orthodontics:

“I am passionate about Orthodontics! I love working with my team and our patients to bring about beautiful transformations through the science and artistry of orthodontics. During our patient’s treatment we not only transform the smile, but sometimes, we see the person transform. Every day we get to see just how powerful having a smile that you love can be for our patients. I love to watch our patients bloom—so many become more confident and radiant as they see their true beauty come into focus. They smile more readily, they begin to feel good about themselves and the way they look, and they open up in so many ways.  There is nothing more rewarding than this. The smile and healthy bite that we help our patients attain will be with them for life—that is truly priceless. To think of the number of people that each of our patients may touch with the smile they share, the celebrations that they’ll have throughout their lifetime because they will feel free to smile and won’t hold themselves back is simply awesome. I can’t imagine a more rewarding career than Orthodontics!”


2005-present                       Orthodontist, Orthodontic Solutions for Children and Adults, Chelmsford, MA

2008-2017                            Orthodontist, Central Orthodontic Associates, Fitchburg, MA

2005-2012                            Assistant Professor (part time), Division of Orthodontics, University of Connecticut Health                                                          Center

2005-2008                            Orthodontist, private practice, Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, Gardner and Somerville, MA

2003-2005                            Assistant Professor (full time), Division of Orthodontics, and Center for Molecular Medicine,                                                       University of Connecticut Health Center

2000-2004                            Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Molecular Medicine, University of Connecticut Health Center


1993 B.A.                              Summa Cum Laude from Canisius College, Buffalo, N.Y.

1998 D.D.S.                          Cum Laude from State University of New York at Buffalo

2000 Ph.D.                           Degree conferral with distinction from State University of New York at Buffalo, Department of                                                    Physiology and Biophysics


2000–2004                           University of Connecticut, Department of Molecular Medicine Postdoctoral Fellow in Human                                                      Genetics

2000-2003                            University of Connecticut, Specialty Training, certificate program, Division of Orthodontics


1992-1996                             Gilbert Moore Fellowship for dual degree professionals, SUNY@Buffalo

1996-1998                             National Institutes of Health/National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research T32 Award

1998-2003                            National Institutes of Health/National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research K16 Award

2003-2005                            National Institutes of Health/National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research K22 Career Development Grant: Scholar Phase: Molecular Basis of Primary Hyperparathyroidism, Faculty Development Phase: Genetics of Maxillary/Mandibular Discrepancies


2005                        American Association of Orthodontists Foundation Teaching Award: Orhan C. Tuncay Teaching                                                 Fellowship Award

1999                        American Association of Dental Research Haton Award Finalist

1999                        International Association of Dental Research Haton Travel Award

1998                        American Association of Women Dentists Woman Dental Student Award

1998                        Omicron Kappa Upsilon Research Award

1994-1996              Gilbert D. Moore Fellowship


2000-present       American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), member

2006-present       Massachusetts Dental Society, member

2006-present       American Dental Association, member

2005                      University of Connecticut Health Center School of Dental Medicine, Dental Council Medicine, Dental                                         Council

2002                     American Association of Orthodontists Council on Orthodontic Education, Philadelphia

2002                     Moderator of Oral Research Presentations, American Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting,                                          Philadelphia

2003                     Molecular Biology Curriculum Committee, University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine

2002-2006           American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), member

2002-2006            Society of Craniofacial Genetics, memberSociety of Craniofacial Genetics, member

2001-2005             American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR), member

2000-2005             American Association of Dental Research (AADR), member

2000-2005             The Endocrine Society, member

1998-present        Omicron Kappa Upsilon (the honor society for the dental profession), member


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